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Oliver Morris/Getty Showstopping actress and comedian Lily Tomlin and her partner of 42 years, Jane Wagner, were married in a private ceremony in Los Angeles on New Year’s Eve, Tomlin’s rep ... Grace and Frankie star Lily Tomlin has been with her wife Jane Wagner for decades, but they never had children. Here's why she's 'so glad' she isn't a mother. Ann Godoff, Oliver’s editor at Penguin Press, her publisher since 2013, said, “Mary Oliver was a woman who’s profound gifts allowed us to understand and celebrate the life we’ve been given.” Tomlin and Wagner — who is also the actress’ writing partner — tied the knot on Dec. 31, 2013. A few days before their wedding ceremony, they tried to go incognito to get their marriage license. Remus should be over him by now - he has built a life for himself, and he has a loving, caring partner. But when it comes to Sirius, it seems that there are things that never change. Maybe there are things you just don’t get over. Language: English Words: 18,811 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 1 Comments: 11 Kudos: 23 Bookmarks: 1 Hits: 211 Robby Ray leaves the room, and Hannah enters the bathroom, closing the door behind her. We see the window slide open – revealing Lilly outside. LILLY Higher, Oliver, I’m almost in! OLIVER There is no higher. You’re already standing on my head! LILLY Jump, you idiot, jump! Oliver gives a little jump, and Lilly hoists herself up the windowsill. Spanish Dictionary app for your phone! SpanishDict Where to take classes in Spain? I've found that Don Quijote and it's partner school Enforex to be absolutely wonderful! Highly recommend. Fast, friendly service in English. It's always a pleasure to deal with the coordinator over at Don Quijote. I feel like he is my new friend… View Lily Oliver’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Lily has 6 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Lily’s ... Lily Tomlin is a married woman!. The 74-year-old actress and comedian married her partner of 42 years Jane Wagner on New Year's Eve in a private ceremony in Los Angeles, Tomlin's rep confirms to E ... 'Life didn't stop when we brought Tegan home,' says Lilly. 'But it would've been nice to have a little more time with her alone before our loved ones descended.' Thirty-eight-year-old Gloria and her husband, Oliver, are expecting their fourth child. They have three sons: The oldest was born in a hospital and the younger two at home ...

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“Markov!” A voice bellows across the mess hall. I feel a smile playing on my lips as soon as I hear it. When I look up, Wendy is standing behind me, a scorn sitting on her weary features. I have to admit, she’s possibly my favourite guard.
“Pack your shit. Your bail was posted.”
Without a word, I stand and discard my tray. The shit they try to pass off as ‘food’ in prison is nothing more than chemical mush. The first thing I’m going to do when I get out is head to Kenny’s and grab stack of waffles piled higher than the ceiling. Hell, maybe even higher than Kenny is half the time.
As I stand, every single pair of eyes in the room turn to me. These women are all either arsonists, murderers, or mob bosses. Most of them are serving life sentences, so when I flip them off as I walk away, I feel a comfort in knowing I’ll never see their ugly-ass faces again.
My cell is fairly close to the mess-hall. The walls are decorated with post cards and pictures of beautiful people I told my cell mate were my friends. In reality, I have no idea who they are.
I find a plain black shoulder bag laid on the bed. It’s the bag I had on me when I was arrested. It’s weird to think that I haven’t seen it in eighteen months. Eighteen months in this hell-hole feels like an eternity.
There are two bunks, each pushed up against opposing walls, and each housing blankets made from such scratchy material, you’d think they made it that way on purpose.
As I begin to shove my random junk into the bag, I catch my cell mate Rosa eyeing me. We never really clicked. She’s been her at least ten years longer than me, and is at least twenty years older than me.
Pretty sure she’s got four life sentences for setting her house on fire with her children inside it. Maybe that’s why I never liked her.
“You getting out?” Rosa says finally, lifting her head from her novel for only the second time since I’ve known her. She’s always got her nose stuck in a book, and for whatever reason, it really annoys me.
I have a theory; that once you establish that you don’t like someone, everything they do annoys you. I guess that applies here. If my theory is correct, than I’m going to be constantly annoyed in the outside world.
“I’m so out of here.” I can’t contain my childish grin any longer. Although, one weird thought keeps replaying in my mind. My foster family is dead…so who paid for my bail?
“Hey, Pretty Girl.” Only one person calls me that, and her name is Jane. She’s taller than me, but not by much, which is quite sad, because I’m only 5’5. But even so, she knows how to intimate someone.
In my first few months, I went stir crazy. I bought a phone from Jane and promised her when I got out I would pay for her bail when I got out. I know when I made it that I wasn’t going to keep that promise. Besides, how did the wife of a mob boss get access to bail?
“I expect to be out of here within the week,” Jane says, twirling a shiv in her hand. ‘And remember what happens if you don’t hold up your end of the deal.”
“Yep…blah, blah, blah, threats, threats, threats…something about murdering my entire family? You should know that they’re already dead.” I don’t even take my eyes off the task at hand, shoving my shit into the bag.
When I’m done, I face her. She has short red hair and freckles, which make her look much younger than she actually is.
“You better take this seriously, Markov. You’re a rich bitch, now go act like one,” She snarls, baring her teeth and holding the hand with the shiv higher, to emphasise it.
I already know what’s going to happen, so might as well get it over and done with. As she continues to jabber on about who I owe her, I take the band off my wrist and tie my long, wavy brown hair into a messy bun. It’s not the best, but it will hold.
“I’m so terribly sorry, Jane. I really am. But I’m not paying your bail. Go cry like a fucking baby somewhere else,” I snap. My statement cuts her off mid-monologue, and earns a glare which would have most people backing down instantly.
It’s a good thing I’m not most people.
“Well then you know what that means…you don’t get out either. I get to kill you.”
“I’ve died before,’ I say nonchalantly. “Your problem here is getting me to stay dead.”
With a grunt, Jane swings. The shiv glides through the air with an alarming force. I don’t even have to move my feet. My upper body twists and the shiv misses my shoulder. She tries again, but with the same result.
“You going to throw a punch or dodge all day you little bitch,” She yells in my face. I raise my eyebrow as she does. I love fighting ignorant people. It just makes the win so much more satisfying.
She thrusts her weapon forward, and just as she hoped, I don’t dodge. Instead, my hand snakes around her wrist, stopping her motion mid-air, and knee her in the groin.
Jane stumbles back, groaning.
“You thought you could make me your bitch. But unlike all these weak-ass fakes I can’t be moulded. And I don’t play well with others.”
Just as I’m about to throw my fist in her face, my arm is pulled back. I’m ripped away. Jane’s second; Hailey, stalks into the cell followed up three lackeys. And I’m about to pull free when I realise who’s restraining me: Rosa. That bitch.
“You should choose your words more carefully. We’re not going to make you our bitch. We’re going to kill you,” Hailey spits. Their intimidation act is boring. I roll my eyes as the group crowds into the tiny space.
Before they can reach me, I elbow Rosa in the face with my free arm, forcing her to release her grip. But my freedom is short lived.
The lackeys whose names I never bothered to learn charge at me. Their force sends us all stumbling to the wall, and they grab a different limb to pin me there. But the idiots forget to pin my legs.
Jane brings her face just centimetres away from mine. Does this chick not know what personal space is? Apparently not.
She points the shiv at my neck with a wicked poison in her eyes.
“Has anyone ever told you how annoying you are?”
“Not to my face…but I know I’m annoying. Annoyingly good at everything.” As I say the last part, I lift my legs to Jane’s extended arm. The lackeys hold me up. Whomever is grasping my left shoulder has really sharp nails, and they dig into my skin as I use my feet to twist Jane’s arm.
I hear a satisfying pop and even more satisfying scream. The noise makes the lackeys loosen their grip ever so slightly, allowing me wiggle room, and after a moment of said wiggling, my freedom.
Each one tries to come at me, but I swivel my legs under them, leaving them all a panting mess on the floor.
The only one left is Rosa. After my display of dominance, I’m not sure why she hasn’t run away screaming. But then again, she never was that smart. This is the woman who left her kids in a burning house with their phones. Idiot.
Just for a bit of flair, I kick my legs up, grab her by the neck with my feet and drag her to the ground.
It’s been a while since I’ve gotten into a fight, and I’m a bit rusty. But nobody seems to be able to get a hit on me regardless.
Rosa coughs and stutters beneath my grip. I almost feel bad for her. Almost. So when she resists, I drag her back down and wrap my arms around her in a head-lock.
“Say hi to dad for me,” I whisper. Then I snap her neck.
This isn’t exactly how I wanted my last day to go. But honestly, this is just as perfect as I had envisioned. And above all else, I’m proud I only killed one person. I could have killed them all, but I used some new found restraint and spared their pathetic lives.
I’m pretty sure Hailey’s on death row, so she’ll die anyway but that’s beside the point. With one more cool smirk, I sling the bag over my shoulder and strut out of the cell.
It’s been a while since I’ve filled my lungs with fresh air. And after going through the release procedures, I can finally take a deep breath.
The birds sing a beautiful melody, and the wind welcomes me in a warm embrace. My mouth is suddenly dry. This is the taste of freedom. The taste that I have been deprived of for my entire life. It’s been sixteen months since my father made contact. So I’m free of him, and now I’m free of this shit-fest.
The moment my feet hit the pavement I break out into an ear to ear grin. I feel like a small child on Christmas receiving a puppy as a present. And this happiness better fucking last.
My eyes scan the parking lot and land on a sleek black convertible. I skip over, humming along with the birds as I go.
The car is empty. There’s a half-drunk coffee in the cup holders, and a packet of cigarettes on the dash. The car smells like nicotine, but beggars can’t be choosers. Well, this one can. But this is by far the best car here.
I slip in over the locked door. It’s been a while, but your girls still got it. I fumble with the wires under the steering wheel for a moment before the engine roars to life, making me chuckle.
The drives smoothly. The wind in my hair makes a warm sensation vibrate in my chest. And as I pull out onto the road, I flip off the prison one last time. I have no idea where I’m going. Perhaps Kenny’s? Or maybe to a bar.
I don’t have a house, and even so, there’s all this bullshit about home being a person not a place. I don’t believe it. Home is wherever the fuck I decide it is. So I guess I am driving home. I’m just not sure where that is yet.
Chapter Two: Isabel
“Yes!” I exclaim as the scrunched up piece pf paper rolls off the rim and into the trash. Oliver shakes his head next to me but a smile perches on his lips. We’ve been at the precinct for over an hour without so much as a single idea.
Most of the squad would be at home by now, and I can’t help but feel envious.
The precinct is old, there’s no question about it. The walls are nothing but rusty brick and the ground is made up of subway tiles. The usually busy and full of life building is eerily quiet, kind of like a ghost town.
We sit in the far corner where our desks are face to face. My partner’s desk is much more unorganised than mine, but aside from that, they are completely identical.
“What if the killer was already in the apartment?” Ollie fiddles with his pen as he asks this. He puts it down and retrieves a smoke from his pocket. He lights and I let out an exaggerated cough.
A cloud of nicotine puffs up, and the air in the room become thick and smells like the first walk through of the scene of an arsonist. I’m used to it, but that doesn’t mean I like it.
“Nobody when in or out of the apartment aside from the victim for four days. There’s no way. But what if it wasn’t the stab wound that killed him?” An idea sparks in my head. Once the ideas start coming, they don’t stop, and I’m on a roll.
“The security cameras go dark for two minutes. Of which, The vic is his apartment for 30 seconds. Witnesses claim they saw smoke when he opened his door to re-enter his apartment. But what if it wasn’t smoke?” I’m on the computer in a flash, pulling up the security footage from the night our victim was murdered.
“We can infer that in those 1 minute thirty seconds, the killer snuck in. What if the smoke was some form of airborne poison meant to slow down Johnson so that whatever is in the safe could be stolen. Has it been cracked open yet?”
“Nope. Still sealed shut. So you think the killer panicked, stabbed the guy and then left?”
I nod, then scroll between cameras. “This one is out, but then the camera less than twenty feet down the hall is fully operational and doesn’t see anyone walking past it the whole night!”
Ollie’s eyes light up as he too makes the connection. I feel myself smile. It’s been a while since I’ve solved a good case like this, but damn I’m good.
“There are three apartments in-between those two cameras. What if our killer lives in one of them?” I nod again, as my partner goes over to his own laptop and begins typing frantically.
“Whatcha’ got?”
“Mike Hiyden, Louisa Fent and Coal Fent, and Lilly Morrero. Mike reportedly moved out a week after the murder and was never heard from again, until a purchase was made by his credit card at a motel in Massachusetts.”
“He didn’t get very far? If I were him, I would have fled the country!”
“I’ll put out an ABP. You go home and get some rest…your field assessment is tomorrow, right?”
And just like that, my mood drops. I haven’t been out in the field since the incident…and it’s been nearly a year. I’ve already postponed the assessment three times, but my therapist keeps telling me that I can’t run from it forever.
My eyes spy the gun sitting in Ollie’s holster. It seems to taunt me. Screaming my name and making my knees shake violently.
“Are you ready?”
“Of course,” I say with a forced smile.
We close up for the night and go our separate ways. Brooklyn is cold at this time of night, but the city is never more alive than right now. Club goers cluster in the streets, drunkenly darting in front of cars and throwing up in bushes.
My crappy car can barely drive the speed limit, so it takes a lot longer than it should to reach my even crappier apartment.
It has an exposed brick wall, and is only one room, aside from the bathroom of course. The kitchen is as small as the bathroom, and the counters have something sticky on them which I could never get off.
But aside from that, my apartment is spotless. Everything has its place, and everything is neat and tidy. I place my shows on the rack as I enter. Just as I shimmy my coat off and am about to put my feet up for the night, a shrill vibration erupts from the kitchen.
I stumble over to find my phone screen alight, a picture of Ollie and a call button illuminating it.
“Talk to me,” I say. I idly walk back over to the bed and sit.
“We got a call from the upstate prison. One dead, one with a concussion and dislocated shoulder, four others with mild injuries.”
My eyebrows furrow. We don’t usually get called to do upstate cases. Although I have to admit, this one is intriguing.
“What does that have to do with us?”
“One of the injured is Hailey.”
My heart stops. I can’t even hear myself breathe. I haven’t heard from Hailey in years. My sister is notorious for making bad choices. She joined a gang, started doing drugs, and tried to choke out my brother.
I had to arrest my own sister. But that’s not even why she got convicted. After the most tedious and painful trial ever, she was acquitted. And then proceeded to start selling drugs, and killed a guy who didn’t pay her in time.
Now she’s serving a life sentence, only five years in.
“Yeah, I’m here,” I whisper. I glance at the picture frame seated on my bedside table. The original photo is of the four of us, myself Hailey and our two brothers. But she’s been cropped out, and now it’s just the three of us.
It was always that way. When she got involved with the wrong people, she would disappear for weeks on end, then come back home and beg for money and a place to crash, then be gone a week later.
“Is she alive?”
“Yeah. And the warden already has a suspect in mind. So do you want it? I can tell them no if-”
“Text me the address,” I interrupt. My sister may not be a saint, but I will happily bring to justice the psychopath her hurt her.
“That means you’ll miss your field assessment. We have to be there tomorrow at two.”
“That’s fine.”
After I hang up, my head begins to ring. A siren wails and makes my thoughts mush together like dirt in the rain. My whole body becomes heavier and heavier with each step, but I drag myself to the bathroom anyway.
I glance up at the mirror. Staring back at me is not the girl who finished top of her class at the academy. She died the night Murphey did. The girl in the mirror is scared. She has bags under her eyes, and even worse, there’s nothing behind her once beautiful brown eyes.
I used to look at myself in the mirror and feel proud. Proud to be Latina, proud to be a homicide detective, and proud to be me. But now all I see is nothing.
The pill in my hand is heavier than petroleum truck. It weighs me down until I pop it in my mouth and throw my head back, dry swallowing it with one gulp.
When I look back in the mirror, the eyes staring back at me are still the same chocolate brown they’ve always been, and yet I cannot recognise them.
Chapter Three: Isabel
“I’m Detective Myers, this is Detective Perez. What have you got for us?” Oliver radiates confidence. He demands attention and dominance the moment we step into the crime scene.
“Finger prints on the body match those of her cell mate,” The warden says, following us inside.
I crouch by the body. She doesn’t look young, but she still looks like she had more life to live. With a gloved hand, I push the hair out of her face.
“Left eye shows bruising. Possibly caused by an elbow? Shows signs of struggle,” I tell them. Oliver listens intently to each word, but the Warden just runs his fingers through his goatee and stares off into the distance.
“What was the name of the cell mate?”
“Her name is Thea Markov. Bulgarian-American, about five foot five. When we picked her up, there was no trace of her on any system. No licence or identification of any kind,” The warden says.
This pikes my attention. “You can’t confirm her name is Thea Markov?” He just shakes his head. They continue talking amongst themselves as I scan the room. “Blood on the floor. The victim isn’t bleeding so can we talk to whoever’s blood this is?”
He nods again before leading us into the cafeteria. We’re making a bee-line for a table of four women.
I notice her hair first. My sister’s hair is cropped much shorter than it used to be. She sits in the centre of the group, her eyes not daring to give me a second glance.
“This is Detective Myers and Perez-”
“You’re the dick that arrested me three years ago!” The blonde exclaims, pointing an accusing finger at Ollie.
He shifts uncomfortably but his confidence doesn’t flinch. To the untrained eye, he would look un-wavered. But his fingers twitch at his side, and his blinking has become slower, alerting me to his uncertainty. Time to step in, is what these signs tell me.
“What can you tell us about the victim’s cell mate?” I ask. Out of the corner of my eye, I notice Hailey flinch. Wow. The mere sound of my voice makes her uncomfortable. I guess that just goes to show how much she hates me.
To this day, I have no clue what I did to piss her off.
“She attacked us out of nowhere! That bitch is psycho!” Cries the redhead. I observe her carefully as she shouts. Her eyes dart between us, and yet she never makes eye contact, and her head shakes as she speaks.
You learn how to tell if someone is lying during the first few months at the academy. And this woman just presented the big red flags.
“She had absolutely no motive? She just attacked you unprovoked?”
“Yes! What does it matter? Even if she had a motive, she’s still a killer!” The redhead is practically throwing red flags at me now. She’s right, motive or not, we’re dealing with a killer. But a motive would surely help us find her.
“What was she serving time for?”
“What else? Murder and a few counts of manslaughter. She’s so good, they couldn’t even confirm a bunch of others died at her hand. But we all know she did it,” Blondie wails, waving her hands around in the air to emphasise each word.
One of the uniformed officers says something low to Ollie. That usually means there’s no information. But as usual, I have to wait until it’s my time to know it.
“Are you saying she had training?” I ask. Hailey’s gaze shifts to me. I almost melt under her stare. I miss my big sister more than I care to admit. Her eyes are warm and familiar, and yet I find them repulsive.
The blonde nods robotically; “Definitely,” she says. But her bopping head is disturbed as the redhead elbows her in the side.
“Nobody really knows her deal. We only know she’s a rich bitch used to getting her way.”
I look over at my partner. He dismisses the officer with a scowl on his face. His lips purse together in a straight line and he crosses his arms, hanging his head down low. After six months being his partner, I’ve learned that this stance means he’s confused.
“The suspect was caught on camera stealing a car outside of the prison,” He tells me.
“So she didn’t know the camera was there. Maybe she wasn’t trained after all?”
“That’s just it. She looked right into the camera before perfectly hotwiring a car and leaving.”
She looked into the camera? That doesn’t make sense. This girl’s bail was literally just posted. So the first thing she does is kill her cell mate, and then steal a car.
“She either doesn’t care if she’s caught, or she wants us to find her.” Ollie’s assumptions are usually spot on, but I don’t think he’s right on this occasion.
“I don’t think so. She took on five murderers and knew how to hotwire. I think she knows just how good she is, and she’s getting cocky. Maybe we can use that to our advantage,” I say, running my hands through my loose hair.
Just as the redhead begins to say some more useless mumbo-jumbo, my phone rings. I press it to my ear without even reading the caller ID.
“Hey baby…you didn’t call me this morning?”
I sigh and slap my forehead. I forgot to call Curt.
“I’m sorry. A case came up and it’s kind of controlling my brain at the moment,” I laugh.
Curt and I have been dating officially for three months. But we’ve been definitely more than friends for over nine. I met him during the agonising eight weeks I was in hospital. He was in for concussion and a fractured thumb during a fake fight gone wrong.
My boyfriend is a professional WWE fighter. That kind of stuff never really appealed to me before I met him. But he’s seriously one of the kindest people I’ve ever met.
“Maybe I can help get your mind off it. Dinner and a movie at my place?” Damn you Curt. He has to be so sweet, and make me feel even worse about blowing him off.
He can hear my sigh over the line, and responds with a soft chuckle.
“It’s fine, Izzy. Go make the world a better place…you can make my apartment a better place another time.” His voice is as soothing as a lullaby. I crave being around him, especially during times like this, when work becomes too much. But I have to work this case until it’s done.
“I’m sorry, Curt,” I mumble, praying he doesn’t ask me anything else, like how my field test went. Because the answer is; it didn’t. I managed to postpone it again; but at what cost?
“I said it’s fine…it really is, okay? Say hi to that partner for yours for me.” I can almost hear the smile in his voice as he says the last part. Oliver and Curt hit it off instantly when they met. Sometimes I think he asked to go to steady just to hang out with Ollie more.
“I will. Love you.”
“Love you too-” I hang up and shove the phone back into my pocket. Oliver is pre-occupied taking a statement from Hailey, so I wave over a uniformed officer instead.
“I need you to pull the number plate off the stolen vehicle and find out where it was last spotted.” The officer nods and heads off to do exactly what I told her to do.
I want to go over to Oliver so badly. My feet itch to just move forward. To just force myself to go say hello…say anything other than help. But I’m frozen in place. My legs are planted in the ground like a tree.
Thankfully, Ollie finishes up the statement and struts over to me, his bravado radiating off him.
“We should head back to the precinct and file the statements. Anything important?” He asks, gesturing to my just visible phone.
“Nah,” I say with a smile. “But he does say hello.”
“Curt?” He raises an eyebrow and together, we head towards the exit. “That son of a bitch hasn’t been answering my calls. If he wants to say hello, he can call me.” I sense a new found tension between them, but when I look up, Ollie is grinning ear to ear.
“He has a rehearsal for the big show. That man spends so much time at the gym he might as well move in.”
“I don’t disagree there.”
We drive in silence for about twenty minutes before my phone pings.
“We got a hit. Fulton street,” I say, scanning the text message for any other news. “It’s parked outside a burger joint named Kenny’s?”
Ollie snorts. “Our killer stopped for a double beef burger?” He asks, flipping on his blinker to change direction away from the sixty-third precinct.
“Everyone’s got to eat,” I say with a smirk.
A part of me is reluctant to go chasing after this mystery woman. I shouldn’t even be in the field, and yet here I am chasing down a suspect. This go very badly if she’s as dangerous as she’s being made out to be.
Chapter Four: Thea
The building in front of me looks older than man on a scooter beside it. I role my eyes at him as he smiles. Why do people like smiling at each other so much? Especially old people. Bleh.
The stone structure looks way too old to fit into this neighbourhood. It’s no more than three stories but looms over the apartment buildings next to it.
I push the doors open to find a stuffy lobby. The floor is musty yellow tiles, and the wallpaper is so ripped it makes me wonder why they even bother keeping it up.
The woman at the front desk flashes me her teeth, and I nearly growl back. What is it with the smiling?
“What can I do for ya, love?” She asks.
I glance her up and down, taking in her shoulder length hair and large glasses. She’s trying way too hard to be…whatever that is.
“I’m looking for Robert Kingston.”
The woman’s smile falters for a split second. I almost don’t notice it; but it’s definitely there.
“Sure hun. Just take a seat and he’ll be-” I don’t wait for her to finish. I know where his office is, I just needed to know if he was here. As I walk away, I hear her pick up the phone. A part of me in suspicious she hasn’t even tried to stop me, but I shrug it off and throw open the door to the bastard’s office…
Only to find it empty. There’s nothing in here except for old blinds, a few random chairs and torn carpet. This room which was once filled with so much life is just…dead.
The desk is gone, the old paintings have vanished, even Robert’s prized deer isn’t anywhere in sight.
“Sorry,” comes a mumble from behind me. A tall guy with sandy blonde hair brushes past me and grabs one of the chairs. I can smell the whiskey on him from here.
“You’re here for AA, aren’t you?”
“Well, I’m not here for an abortion…so congratulations. You should be a cop,” he says, laughing at his own joke. He slurs his words together so much that they barely sound like words.
“Who’s running the meeting?”
“Fuck if I know. I sleep through them.”
“You do know the idea of alcoholics anonymous is to stop being an alcoholic, right? To do that you actually need to pay attention.”
This ass-hole probably has better life then he thinks he does. So one shitty thing happens to him in his entire life and he decides to destroy himself.
“You do know that I don’t care, right?”
He doesn’t even look at me as he leaves the room. So with nothing else to do, I follow him. Either he doesn’t realise I’m following him, or just like he claimed, he doesn’t care. But he leads me into a room on the second floor with no windows, and no air conditioning. The room smells like sweaty teens who haven’t discovered deodorant yet all fell asleep in here and then never bothered to leave.
The room itself is large, with a stage on the far wall, and a circle of chairs in the centre. Every seat if full. The people here are all drunk, or even hung over. Except for one, who looks bored out of her brain.
Sandy haired dude sets his chair down next to her. He closes his eyes and folds his hands over his stomach, and within minutes is fast asleep.
Unware of what to do, I stand like a coward in the doorway. I was so certain that Robert would be here. He loved this place more than he loved his own kids. And that’s saying something. He literally killed the guy who broke his daughter’s heart. I wish my father loved me that much.
Actually, I don’t. If my father loved me that much, he would pretty much destroy the world just because he thought it would benefit me.
“Alright, folks. Welcome back.” A cheery woman erupts through the door behind me. She flashes me a huge smile –seriously? And takes the only spare seat in the circle. “And welcome to our new member. Would you like to introduce yourself?” She asks, glancing up at me.
Ha! She thinks I’m here to pour my heart out about random shit. Hate to disappoint you lady, but I’ve got better shit going on.
“No I would not,” I say, sarcasm dripping off each word. Then I spin on my heals and head downstairs.
Drifting voices greet me at the bottom.
“…Yes, I’m sure it was her.” Well shit. It better not be the cops. I left them a fun lead at Kenny’s. The car I stole wad ditched there last night to give them something to chase. Then I took a bus to Jersey. If they’ve found me already, then damn they’re good, I’ve got to give them some respect. Regardless, I really don’t want to deal with cops right now. But then I hear his voice as well.
“I’m going to kill that bitch.”
I have to admit, I thought he’d be happier to see me. But then again, I nearly destroyed his entire operation.
One glance out the window tells me he’s not alone. Three identical cars are all parked out on the road, each one in a worse position then the next.
Before however many people he think would take to kill me round the corner, I push open the door to the first office I find.
There’s nobody inside, lucky for me. This office, however, is full of the most random shit. A signed bat hangs on the wall, and the desk is decorated with a million plants. I strut past them and crank open the window.
It makes a terrible squeaking noise as it goes. I really hope they didn’t hear it. Then I swing my leg over and take one last glance into the room.
Before I can get my whole body out the window, something on the desk catches my eye. The top draw has a lock on it.
That either means this person actually believes in patient discretion, or is dirty. In this joint, I guarantee it’s the latter.
The drawer doesn’t budge when I try to pull it open. But luckily, right next to the computer is a ruler. I take it a jam it into the top of the drawer. It moves awkwardly around for a moment, and I fear it may snap.
My fears are confirmed when it does, sending metal shards in all which direction.
I try again, this time pushing the ruler into the exact same spot, creating two layers for ruler, and even more space between the top of the cabinet and this bitch of a drawer. It makes a soft clicking sound and slides open.
“Fuck yes, Thea,” I say quietly to myself. Inside the drawer is a bunch of random papers, a key and a flip phone. I slip the key into the back pocket of my too tight jeans. I haven’t exactly been able to go clothes shopping yet, so the same clothes that I was arrested in all that time ago are all I’ve got at the moment.
The flip phone is sleek black, and surprisingly heavy in my palm. Just as I’m about to bag it and run, the stupid thing rings. Loudly.
Muffled voices overcome the noise, and I quickly silence it, shoving it in my pocket with the key. Then I push the desk up against the door. I have to bite my lip to keep from sighing as I expel any remaining strength I have. The desk fits perfectly under the handle.
On cue, the handle flips, but the door stays perfectly closed. I slip out of the open window. It’ll take whoever’s on the other side of the door a hit minute to knock it down, and give me enough time to get away.
My feet find the soft grass as my hands snap the window shut. Then an idea pops inside of my head. If they want me dead, why I don’t I fuck with them a little bit?
I race over to one of their cars, smashing my fist into the front window. Glass shatters everywhere. I wince. Blood is already seething from my knuckles but I don’t care.
This BMW is way too fancy for a social worker to own. I’m surprised more people don’t realise what kind of a person Robert. My hands find the wires under the steering wheel and yank. Rob will be extra pissed because he’s the one who taught me how to hot wire a car.
[not finished]
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2020.04.04 16:17 RomanSMironov 15 Actionable Examples of Unconditional Love for 2020

This is a list of actionable examples of unconditional love. In fact, these strategies helped a life coach Kajal Pandey have a passionate relationship for 9+ years. So if you want more love in your relationship, you’ll love her strategies and examples. I've also included other actionable strategies that work really well.
Let's get started with general strategies and then move on to more specific tips.
  1. Get to love unconditionally by loving yourself first
  2. Open yourself to unconditional love by becoming happy
  3. Accept the other person as they are
  4. Show compassion
  5. Keep loving your kids as they grow up
  6. Learn the love language of your partner
  7. Make an actionable list of specific things your partner likes
  8. Listen deeply

1. Get to love unconditionally by loving yourself first

You need to love yourself before you can love others unconditionally.
Louise Hay wrote:
Every problem in your life comes from not loving yourself.
Go from self-hate to self-love.


I've created this self-love ritual that helps me relax at the end of each day:
· taking a warm shower
· watching a positive video
· having dinner
· listening to an audiobook
By having this "me time," I'm able to love myself (and others) more.

2. Open yourself to unconditional love by becoming happy

Think about why want a relationship in the first place.
Do you need to feel complete? But the truth is, the other person doesn't complete you. They're not responsible for your happiness.
To be happy, you need to get your life together so that you feel complete.
Then, you'll be able to love unconditionally.


Her fear of death paralyzed Janet to the point that she was incapable of living. She couldn't even get out of bed in the morning. Her husband and parents had to take care of her and the kids.
Janet's therapist helped her see the deep reason behind her fear: she didn't want to be a housewife but wanted to be a counselor. So Janet went through a training program and started a counseling practice.
As a result of finding her life purpose, she became happy. And now she has a huge capacity for loving her husband and kids.

3. Accept the other person as they are

The reason we don't accept our partner is having expectations. And when they don't meet them, we withhold love. Expectations erode our ability to love the other person.


I expected my ex-wife to be as efficient as I was. I thought she wasted so much time talking to her girlfriends or watching videos. This resulted in conflicts that ultimately led to divorce.
It took me years to realize that I was so wrong. If I hadn't had those expectations, we could've still been together.
That's why in my recent relationships, I didn't let my expectations get in the way.

4. Show compassion

Whenever your partner gets angry or frustrated, see it as an opportunity to practice unconditional love.
It might feel like an attack on you. But it's really a sign of the pain they feel inside.
So, be compassionate instead of defensive or judgmental.


Gina, a 17-year-old, acted as if she couldn't care less about her parents. But in reality, she was afraid that they could divorce.
Covering up how much she cared was her defense mechanism.
Her father got triggered by her attitude. But her mother saw through it and understood the core problem. As a result, she felt compassion for Gina.
That's one of those examples of unconditional love allowing to see beyond the surface.

5. Keep loving your kids as they grow up

It's easy to love kids when they're small. They are adorable and obedient and meet our expectations.
But as they get older, they're likely to rebel against parents' rules. That's when loving them unconditionally is a challenge. But it's also an opportunity to practice unconditional love (and set an example for the kids).


Veronica, a stepmother, had a lot of rules for her stepson, Michael. Michael didn't meet many of them. He felt she was picking on him too much. And she felt resentful.
This negative cycle had continued until Veronica picked the three most important issues:
· Don't quarrel with your little sister.
· Clean up after yourself in the kitchen.
· Wake up for school by yourself.
By reducing the number of conditions, she made it possible for herself to love Michael more.
That said, let's move along to more actionable examples of unconditional love.

6. Learn the love language of your partner

We usually give love in the way we want to receive love. But that doesn't mean it's their preferred way.
Ask them how exactly they want to receive it. Use the concept of love languages suggested by Andy Andrews in The Noticer:
  1. Dogs want words of affirmation.
  2. Cats like physical contact.
  3. Goldfish love deeds and favors.
  4. Canaries want undivided attention.


Kajal's partner's love language is words and affirmations. That makes him a "dog." And she affirms him for everything that he does, little or small.
Plus, he likes acts of service like cleaning up after his cooking. That makes him a "goldfish."

7. Make an actionable list of specific things your partner likes

Knowing your partner's love language is good. But using this knowledge to create an actionable list is even better.
So, write down everything your partner likes and don't worry about spontaneity. Following this list doesn't make your relationship inauthentic or robotic.
Practicing love is very intentional, and there has to be a thought process behind it. Being intentional rather than spontaneous makes you feel more connected to the other. If you know that making coffee in the morning brings him joy, why would you withhold that from him?
Such acts of care are necessary for keeping the spark alive in a relationship.


· I like the way you play with my hair.
· I like the way you make me coffee in the morning.
· I feel loved when you take a book out of my hands and read it to me.

8. Listen deeply

Deep listening is intently hearing the other person instead of thinking of your response. Affirm what your partner has just said to you so that it makes them feel seen and heard by you.
At the end of the day, we all want to feel seen and heard by our partner. When you do so, your partner feels your unconditional love and reciprocates.


An author Stephen Covey used to take his wife on long, 2-hour drives just for talking.
This experience was transformational for both of them. Long conversations made it possible for them to share deep thoughts and emotions.
For instance, his wife told him about her fears as a teenager: she had had this fear that her father would lose his business in difficult economical times.
As a result, they connected at a deeper level, making it possible to love each other unconditionally.

9. Put your partner's needs first

According to Tony Robbins, we all have 6 human needs:
· Certainty
· Variety
· Love
· Significance
· Growth
· Contribution
Your goal in a relationship is to help your partner meet those needs. Otherwise, they won't feel fulfilled or happy.
To do so, you need to put your needs first. It's not easy, for sure, but it has a transformational effect:
  1. As you make your partner's needs a priority, you'll feel more love toward them. That's because the more love you give, the more of it you feel.
  2. And then your partner feels compelled to give you more love as well.


Nadia called her husband, Ralf, in the afternoon while he was working at the office. She had an emotional breakdown after a fight with her mother. Nadia asked Ralf to come home and talk to her so that she could feel his love and support.
He didn't want to come because he was in the middle of an important project. Yet, he knew better because his wife's needs were a priority for him. He sighed but went home immediately anyway.
That's one of those inspiring examples of unconditional love—the husband putting his wife's needs above his own.

10. Forgive and forget

Partners inevitably make mistakes in a relationship. And then the wronged partner feels resentful. It's normal but if they hold on to this resentment, the relationship will deteriorate.
To avoid it, it's important to forgive. Forgiveness is an essential component of unconditional love. Failing to forgive means withholding love and inflicting pain on both partners.


Sean cheated on his wife, Margot. She felt crushed and couldn't stand him at first. But when she recovered a little bit, they talked.
Sean apologized profusely and told her about his pain. She thought of all the reasons why she wanted to forgive him. And she made an equivocal decision to forgive.
That's one of my favorite examples of unconditional love and commitment to the relationship. Without it, their marriage could've never been happy again.

11. Make it okay to be vulnerable

Your unconditional love makes it possible for your partner to share fears and concerns. They feel safe to do that because they know that you won't judge them. This helps your partner open up at a deeper level. And you strengthen the bond between you two.


Martin told his wife about his fears about the financial markets collapsing in March 2020. He had invested a significant sum of their savings into stock a month before. And now he was certain that his badly-timed decision would mean financial ruin for the family.
His wife supported him and told him that they would get through this together. She never blamed him for taking a huge risk. Instead, she was loving, caring, and accepting—a role model of true love.

12. Make it okay to tell the truth

People lie because they fear the reaction of the other person. But with unconditional love, you can create an atmosphere of trust where telling the truth is appreciated in and of itself.
Let the other person know that you want to know the truth no matter what it is. And if they tell the truth, you'll never punish them for what they did.


Lilly, a teenager, didn't communicate with her parents well. Lying was one of her default behaviors.
In an attempt to improve communication, her parents asked her to always tell them the truth. As long as she did so, they would not scold her for any of her wrongdoings.
Letting go of control was difficult for them, for sure. But the atmosphere of trust they created paid off. Their relationship improved and the girl's self-awareness and self-responsibility increased.

13. Don't feel jealous of your partner's successes

It's natural to feel a prick of jealousy when your partner achieves some sort of success. You feel it because you're scared: Now that your partner is more successful, they might want to find someone better than you.
Loving unconditionally frees you from this type of fear. You encourage your partner to improve and succeed instead. You see and affirm their potential. And whenever they succeed, you're the first to celebrate their achievements, big or small.


Jenny and Oliver wanted to have kids after getting married. But Jenny's career in her fitness gym took off unexpectedly. She got promoted from a personal trainer to a manager and then to the gym manager.
Suddenly, she was traveling to other gyms around the country all the time. Oliver was jealous of her successes and felt lonely because she wasn't home so often. Plus, felt that she had broken her commitment to having kids.
He could grow resentful but chose unconditional love. He never said a word about his resentment or jealousy. And he made it his job to praise Jenny and celebrate all her successes.
Jenny felt so encouraged by his attitude that she offered him to be a stay-home dad—something she would've never brought up before. In a year, they had their first kid.

14. Disagree in a respectful way

Disagreements between partners happen all the time. It's natural because people see things from their own unique perspective. But you can love unconditionally while disagreeing.
As a result, any disagreements don't affect your relationship. And quite magically, one of the partners might change their initial opinion. Because they don't need to get defensive, they're open to considering that other opinion.


During the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus, my father would not obey the quarantine. He would go to a diner and a grocery store every day. I suggested that he'd be more careful and rather stay at home. He didn't like it and I didn't insist on it. And because my suggestion was so casual and friendly, he kept thinking about it. He didn't feel the need to protect his ego. And in a few days, he changed his mind.
That's one of those examples of unconditional love when acceptance brings out the best in people.

15. Keep the lines of communication open

It's normal to feel frustrated with your partner even when you practice unconditional love. Unconditional love is not about never getting frustrated. It's more about what you do when frustration arises.
You need to let it go slowly. Don't shut down communication just because you feel frustrated. Keeping the lines of communication open builds connection and trust. Whereas giving your partner the silent treatment is detrimental to the relationship.


Heidi used to give her boyfriend, Steve, the silent treatment every time she got angry with him. This was something she learned growing up. Her parents always ignored her completely after she had done something wrong.
Heidi saw how she was hurting Steve and breaking trust and connection. That's when she committed to loving Steve unconditionally for 90 days. Whenever she felt frustrated, she kept talking to Steve as if nothing happened.
Steve saw the shift in her and was suspicious at first. But as time passed, he kept feeling more love from her as a result. And he felt compelled to give even more love back.


TL;DR; : Learn actionable examples of unconditional love from a life coach Kajal Pandey who's had an amazing, loving relationship for 9+ years.
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2020.03.18 14:13 blahgarfogar Previously on Aventine. . .

Warning for any passing readers:


This thread will serve as a recap of events in Finn's story, divided into episodic segments, and will be updated every so often with new developments.

Previously on Aventine 2066...

Episode 1: It’s All In Your Head

Finn wakes after an especially bloody mission.
In the morning, Finn attends a mandatory psychotherapy screening for field duty, by Dr. Evelyn Grace, PhD, at Aventine Medical. He reveals some feelings about his past and speaks about his familial turmoil. Isn’t too keen on sharing.
Weeks pass, and the sessions are cut short by Bishop, his new handler from Kievrur. Still, is quite amicable with Dr. Grace.
He speeds toward Blacksite Alpha on his hoverbike, and attends a briefing, meeting another fellow sentry named Faustine Grey, who appears to be a disheveled and hot mess. He also meets Strauss, her personal handler.
They quickly learn that one of their own has gone missing: the Senior Head of Design, Calvin Delford, a renowned engineer and visionary behind Kievrur’s products and technological direction of the Mirage VR Interface. His supermodel wife, Candace, filed a missing persons report days after.
Some leads are dug up. The wife, WatchTower Security Surveillance, who Kievrur does not want to involve due to the sensitive nature of this situation, a credit chit flag at a local junkyard in the 13th Ward slums.
Finn decides to take the charge at Candace, and learns Faustine’s car had blown up previously. He calls up an old contact, a VIXEN dancer named Lilly for more information. They also learn about Candace’s gambling debts to a collector named Fat Silva at LUX Parlor.
Lilly arrives, but is clearly bruised up but won’t tell why. She is instructed to keep an ear out for Delford, and Finn’s prying reveals an old ex of hers named Miles. They then travel to The Palisades, a complex of one-percenters and celebrities, and where Candace is, living a destructive lifestyle.
Finn smooth talks his way past the security guard and gains entry, proceeding to breach the Delford residence with force. They clear the apartment, and see the aftermath of drug abuse, and Candace passed out and fading in the bathtub. They administer Adrenaline to her which saves her.
Finn eyes traces of semen on the couch, an incision on her wrist, a V5 Omnicron Android that is in disrepair with its core scooped out, Nightshade, a removed biomonitor, and suspects this to be a set-up.
Candace still in her stupor tells them Calvin disappears frequently, but never this long. Their marriage is not the strongest. Meanwhile, Finn sacks the place and breaches Delford’s office.
Further questioning reveals the involvement of James ‘Jax’ Seros, a prominent fixer, who was having an affair with her. He roams LUX, and is her dealer.
Faustine contacts Mercer for biomonitor location of Calvin, but no luck. Finn also steals Candace’s unlocked phone, and gifts his partner with some of the trinkets and cash he has stolen.

Episode 2: Gunsmoke

Finn and Faustine travel to Mateo’s Salvage, a junkyard in the poor district of the 13th Ward. There, they speak to a junkrat named Mateo, and through force, they get some info out of him.
Calvin used a K-22 Mineral Extractor and a refiner furnace. He was here recently, too, and used a Hauler to transport materials. Faustine downloads the security footage, while Finn attempts to extort and make an ally of Mateo, offering him Nightshade. He requests the location of Miles, a shuttle driver, and gains access to Mateo’s hidden stash loot.
After, they visit the Sirenium Brothel and attempt to glean more info. Finn tries to sneak a baton past security, but fails the scanners. Inside, they ask around for Delford, and Finn speaks to Iskra the Barkeep, then meets Shelly, who saw Calvin frequently, who visited here to meet with two Asian motorcyclists Ronin and Ember, but never indulged.
Finn gets Shelly’s number and regroups.
Jax is also connected, and there appears to be equipment loaded up in the back.
Finn manipulates Shelly into spying on the Banshee workers in the back. Shelly speaks to Glitch, and plants a tracker on his jacket.
Finn then masquerades as Candace and contacts Jax through text, and learns of Faustine’s ColFed history in Khyionne as an Agent.
They ambush Jax at a parking garage, and kill all his men in a quick firefight. Jax attempts to bargain for his life but fails. Jax ultimately works for a businessman named Henrik, and the fixer operates in Fat Silva’s domain for the cash flow. Henrik instructed Jax to spy on Candace and to get close to her in order to hold collateral over Calvin’s head, eventually staging her death as an overdose, which Finn and Faustine stopped in time.
Jax provided Calvin with equipment and resources, Dravarium he got through utilizing Khyionne marauder pirates, an experimental ore. They learn that this operation is massive, protected by mercenaries.
Henrik is scheduled to return to Earth to attend a fashion show with Jax, to discuss business.
Finn is also contacted by Eddy, an old friend.
After killing Jax, they go visit the Adonis Body Clinic, headed by Delilah Gage, an associate of Calvin, and a skilled bodymodder and surgeon with criminal ties to Banshees.
Finn feigns interest in a cybernetic mod to gain a meeting with Delilah. Finn immediately threatens Delilah, who is unfazed. After a brief standoff, Delilah attacks.

Episode 3: Scenic Chinatown

The fight with Delilah is prolonged and extended into the depths of the clinic, with the APD now getting involved. She is disabled by Kievrur reinforcements, and you learn of Trace, an old colleague sniper of Faustine.
Stuck in gridlock in the middle of Chinatown financial, the Kievrur team is ambushed by Burning Banshee hitmen. Faustine and Finn provide cover fire in full view of the public as the convoy attempts to maneuver. Civilians get killed in the crossfire.
Gage is extracted to the Blacksite, where she is interrogated by Finn and Sawyer. Through VR, Gage concedes.
"I don't know. I know... I know that he was doing experiments... fixing some old tech stuff... that's all he told me. He said... he was going to build... the impossible."
Sawyer leans forward. "What experiments?"
"He... oh god..."
"Spill it, Delilah. It's getting hot in there, isn't it?"
She trembles. "Codenamed it Project Vestige, obsessed over it. He never told me the specifics. I...I set him up with some equipment, interfaces, augments, and circuit boards... test subjects. I had... Banshee contacts who helped him keep things... under the radar... and off the grid. Dravanite... it's an experimental... mineral. Used for power sources... and new circuit board prototypes for... faster interfacing... and computing power. Had teams raid mining ships..."
Off the grid. There are entire areas outside of Aventine that consist of nothing but wasteland with no contact with civilization. This is like finding a needle in a haystack. A tremendously large one at that.
"What else? Which off-site location did he go?"
"That's all...I know. He didn't tell me so I'd have... plausible deniability..."
"Why did you help Calvin?" asks the torturer.
"Because... I owed him a debt. Without him... my clinics would've never opened...he invested in me..."
"And he never contacted you in the last couple weeks?"
"I swear to you... I don't know-AGH! UGH!" screams Gage, arching her back in her chair as if a seizure overtook her, "No-no, no, oh my god...oh my-AAAAAAGGGGGGG-"
Henrik handles the logistical operations for human trafficking and provides the cash flow, for he has a real stake, and was introduced to Calvin by Delilah. Tommy Navarro provides additional Banshee manpower, with Jax, Ronin, and Ember working the auxiliary operations.
Gage has severed contact with Henrik and speaks only through Tommy.
After checking up on Faustine, they go to the Reality Check cafe to meet with Eddy. Mercer analyzes the drives and memory core and finds emails. They also learn of Friday, a black market dealer.
Bishop scolds Faustine for her sloppy performance.
They meet with Friday at North Harbor, and go shopping. Finn then returns to Mateo to get any updates on Miles and any modders, particularly Azuma, a disgraced and disgruntled surgeon who had his license revoked.
Returning to Finn’s apartment, they take a moment to breathe. Detective Levi Jordan is taking on this investigation. Finn reveals more about Eddy and his trust.
At the cafe, Finn and Eddy finally reunite, and catch up. Eddy had just come from Fortuna, and is now settling here. Eddy, is in fact much more mellow, and is engaged to his fiancee, Athena, and is looking to rest on his laurels while he’s still alive, which shocks Finn.
Athena's a slender brunette, with cat-like eyes and olive toned skin, carrying a certain level of prestige and elegance about her, as well as an aura of mystery, captivating you. Wearing a blue blouse, she is seen in the photo laughing with Eddy.
Eddy asks Finn to be at his wedding. Finn accepts, but is now questioning his own purpose in life after hearing that.
Faustine leaves early to depart for personal business, while Eddy goes in search of Miles Dillinger, Lilly’s abusive ex.
Eddy arrives at Gordon Residential Apartments, and hallucinates seeing Maggie, his sister. He sweeps the complex with stealth, and breaches the apartment, only to find Miles dead and a distraught Lilly with a gun drawn at him.

Episode 4: Entangled

Eddy attempts to salvage the situation and console her. He sends her home, and then wipes down the crime scene while contacting Friday to get another cleaner. They arrive in time, and Finn haggles with the price. Finn pays 2k, and agrees to pay the rest later.
At his apartment, Finn and Lilly attempt to reconcile and process what occured before, and Finn expresses his true feelings, though Lilly is reluctant to open up again, and is in distress.
Finn wakes up the next day, and meets with Faustine at the safehouse in order to investigate Berg, and looks into correspondence between Calvin and Henrik, hinting at a larger scale operation involving technologically and morally gray experiments. Henrik was the heir who squandered his fortune, and is looking to make his mark using Calvin’s work.
Calvin was also transferring data to the memory core.
They continue working into the Fashion Show of Masakado, and brief themselves on the airship. Finn tries to figure out how he is going to repay the fixer.
Faustine recommends a fence to Finn, offering either Madame Zen or Saif. Finn chooses to meet with Saif and drives to Mystic, and meets Faiza. He pawns Candace's necklace to Saif for a good sum, and offers his services as a freelancer. Faiza is adamant on this, but Saif accepts.
Finn learns that a theft had occurred, possibly an inside job. Three mule cars are stolen, and with Carth, Finn investigates, driving to Maelstrom Plaza to track down a possible sighting. They find junk runners, who bought these cars from an unknown benefactor.
The rats are killed, save for the prospects, and learn of Faiza’s involvement, but then Madame Zen’s crew shows up, declaring war on Saif. In the confusion, Finn negotiates with Zen, who sets up a meeting at neutral territory.
At Kanada Mansion Ruins, they learn that someone is instigating an old blood feud. Faiza and her men crash the meeting and open fire. Finn shoves Zen out the way and saves Saif from a sniper shot. Faiza offers Finn a way out, but Finn refuses and stays loyal, and retaliates.
Faiza attempts to flee but is shot down by Finn. She expires, and the gangs deal with the aftermath.

Episode 5: The Calm

Finn visits Ironside Repair and meets Billy the Kid, to get cyber modifications done.
Meanwhile, the tracker on Glitch has moved to a Shantytown to the west, where Faustine is waiting for Finn. There, they do recon of an outpost containing Maverick Gunships, PMC outfits and Banshees, along with massive amounts of equipment they’re packing up. The PMC team is getting suspicious.
Finn and Faustine take photos and bail. They go back to the safehouse and concoct a plan to nab Henrik at the Queensland ship during the fashion show - smuggling gear aboard, subduing him, detonating an EMP, HALO jumping down groundside and making a getaway by car.
Finn sends Eddy over to check on Lilly, while he prepares to make purchases. He buys some guns and an EMP off Friday, and enlists the help of Les, a local Texan fixer at LUX. Les uses someone on the inside to help facilitate the smuggling.
Finn returns to his apartment, seeing Eddy and Lilly argue after he tries to sedate her to calm her. Finn and Lilly reconcile, then make love. After, he makes final preparations, donning a new suit, and making the rendezvous with Faustine to acquire an exotic hovercar to fly to the Iwasaki Masakado Fashion Show aboard the Queensland.
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2019.07.21 08:55 welovediz FRL03 Pre-Season Analysis: Formula A Driver Lineups

Lilly Norris, The Braking Zone
The third season of the Formula Racing League starts in less than a month, and there's been several changes to the format of the series. In this article, we'll discuss the driver lineups of the main series, Formula A. We'll start with the newcomers first, then talk about the established teams.
Drivers: Dominik Weyrauch, Stanley Holden
Ghost's drivers are not a bad choice to start their campaign with. Weyrauch and Holden are young drivers with room to improve, and they had some decent performances in their respective teams last season.
Dominik Weyrauch had a decent first season at Toyota, but Curvers outclassed him. He was poised to take a podium finish in Belgium, but a mechanical failure prevented him from that. Moving to a smaller team with an easier teammate and less expectations will be a welcome change.
Stanley Holden holds a respectable 5-7 head-to-head record in finished races against former teammate D'Avis, a more experienced driver. Racing more than one team will be a brand new experience for him.
Although this lineup is unlikely to challenge any of the old teams, it's a good one to protect them from relegation.
Drivers: Teddy Dressler, Laurent Curvers
Lotus has an interesting pair of drivers. Dressler choosing to drive for them is surprising given his relationship with Aston Martin's team principal. Could there be a partnership between the two teams, similar to the arrangement that Awal and Kaisersport have? That could be why he found himself with a Formula A drive. Dressler's an unknown quantity right now, we'll see how he performs in his rookie season.
Despite a strong performance with Toyota, Laurent Curvers found himself without any offers from the top teams. There must be something that made him undesirable, but we don't know what. In addition, there's still some concerns regarding his health from that big accident at the French Grand Prix. Can he make a full recovery and return to the strong form he showed in his last three finishes?
Lotus is the biggest mystery of the new teams in terms of how their drivers will perform.
Drivers: Spartacus Ermakov, Kristian Gottlieb
Ryan somehow managed to sign two of the best drivers from last season. Former rivals during the first few races of FRL02, Ermakov and Gottlieb now join forces to help this new team establish themselves in the league.
Reigning champion Spartacus Ermakov was pushed out of WLD in favour of former champion Oliver Jacobsen, a move that shocked many of us. Now at a brand new team with little resources, this will be a completely different experience for Ermakov, who had the luxury of driving for one of the richest teams in the sport.
Kristian Gottlieb will likely have to adjust to the drastic change as well, but Mural's decline in the second half of the season has already given him some experience driving in the midfield. This is the first season where he has a difficult teammate though, with Aubé and Bourkia being mediocre drivers.
If there's a lineup that can find some incredible results during the season, it would be this one.
TF Sport
Drivers: Uwe Strauss, Kristian Duff
Retaining its original name after some changes within the team, TF Sport is classified by the FMA as a new team. Strauss stays with the team even after the change, and he is joined by Duff.
Uwe Strauss showed some solid performances in the woefully slow TF car last season, with the highlight of his season being a pole position at a very rainy Malaysian Grand Prix qualifying session. He backed that up with a respectable ninth place finish during the race, which was enough to put the team ahead of fellow backmarkers Storm for the rest of the season.
Kristian Duff is a very controversial figure in the junior leagues, so it wouldn't be surprising to see him get little support throughout the season. He showed some average results in his racing career, with his best performance being in Formula D, finishing fifth in that championship.
Strauss will likely have to be the team's main hope for success this season, but hopefully Duff will show some good performances too.
TVR Griffith
Drivers: Zheleznov Valentinovich, Sebanstev Valentinovich
TVR Griffith goes for a risky driver pairing, signing the relatively inexperienced Valentinovich siblings. Zheleznov has no experience driving an FRL car despite being Mural's youth driver, and he only finished in sixth at the Formula D championship. This season will likely be more about gaining experience than competing at the front for him.
Sebanstev does have two race weekends worth of experience, replacing the injured Laurent Curvers for Toyota. He had a fantastic debut race in Belgium, finishing ninth after an engine failure in qualifying forced him to start from the back of the grid. Toyota was one of the best cars on the grid at that point though, and driving what is expected to be a slower car will be a completely different experience.
It's tough to predict how they'll do this season, but it feels like they could be in danger of relegation.
Drivers: Michael Howarth, Sebastian Jaroš
Awal retains the drivers that they ended the previous season with, so we've already seen how well they work together.
Michael Howarth's proven himself to be one of the quicker drivers on the grid, but several of his races last season were ruined by other drivers crashing into him or Awal's car reliability failing him. He's been involved in several spectacular incidents throughout this season with former teammate Borys Zozulya, Ford's Kyle Morrell, and even WLD's Spartacus Ermakov.
Sebastian Jaroš entered the series at the Austrian Grand Prix after Awal formed a partnership with Kaisersport. Moving from a FGT car to a FRL car so quickly must've been a struggle, and his early performances proved it. Instigating numerous incidents and ruining several drivers' races, it was astounding that he wasn't banned from the league. However, he vastly improved both his pace and car awareness in Italy, finishing in fourth place. He definitely has the raw pace to challenge for podiums and wins, but needs to have more clean races in order to reach his potential.
This is a very good driver lineup on paper, but they need to be more consistent and keep themselves away from any incidents.
Drivers: Peter Pallasmaa, Michael Evans
After a disappointing season where they barely finished ahead of the struggling Ducklings team, Chevrolet will be hoping for a better performance this season with Pallasmaa replacing Maguire.
Peter Pallasmaa was a popular driver choice for multiple teams when the drivers market opened, but was passed on by the top teams for more experienced drivers. Chevrolet is a good team to start his career with, and a decent season with them could give other teams incentive to sign him in the future.
Chevrolet extending their contract with Michael Evans seemed like a good idea when they signed the contract, but towards the end of the season Brendan Maguire proved to be the slightly better driver in races, leading the head-to-head 5-3. Evans was significantly better in qualifying however, boasting an 11-5 record against his teammate during the season.
Chevrolet's lineup is good enough to keep them towards the front of the field, but challenging the top drivers will not be a frequent occurence.
Drivers: Armand Hector, Moore D'Avis
Ford is currently considered to be the main threat to WLD's title defence, and they've surprisingly chosen backmarker driver D'Avis to partner Hector for their championship hunt.
Armand Hector took one of two non-WLD race wins in his rookie season, which is a remarkable achievement. He beat his teammate 13-3 and 9-2 in qualifying and races. Now that he's spent a full season with the team and has more race experience, he's one of the favourites for the drivers championship.
Moore D'Avis's career has been relatively uneventful so far, due to driving for backmarker team Storm in the last two seasons. He'll finally have the chance to race for positions that aren't last place. Beating Hector is a difficult task, so it would be better for him to aim for consistent finishes.
D'Avis is still a bit of a mystery with his racing skill rarely being seen, but Hector has proven that he can compete for podiums and wins.
Drivers: Elisha Izmaylov, Emanuel Batista
Classified by the FMA as a rebranded team instead of a new one despite moving factories from the UK to Finland, Pikainen aims to have a successful season with Izmaylov and Batista.
Elisha Izmaylov's proven herself to be one of the best drivers on the grid. She's dragged some mediocre cars into high finishing positions multiple times, most notably her fifth place with Draig at Mexico and her maiden podium finish at Silverstone last season with Ducklings.
Emanuel Batista becomes the second Portugese driver on the grid, and he's heavily supported by his country just like Salgado. Batista and Salgado have raced against each other numerous times in local races prior to making the move to FRL. People that have seen them race claim that Batista is faster, but Salgado is more consistent.
Izmaylov will be a great driver for Batista to learn from, and we expect them to have some good performances.
Toyota-Red Bull
Drivers: Matthias Achen, Jakob Kjeldsen
Now officially the Toyota factory team, Red Bull reunites with former driver Kjeldsen in their attempt to win the chamionship this time.
Matthias Achen is arguably the best driver available right now due to his incredible performance against both of his former teammates, including current champion Spartacus Ermakov. He moved to Red Bull to prove himself as a valuable asset both in and out of the car, and he absolutely succeeded in that. Now that Red Bull is established as a frontrunner in the series, he'll be eager to lead the team towards winning both titles.
Jakob Kjeldsen returns to his roots after a disappointing season with FRL01's championship winning team, hoping to finally have a competitive car for a full season. He beat his teammate and FRL01 champion Oliver Jacobsen in points, but lost the head-to-head battle, 7-9 in qualifying and 2-7 in races where they both finished.
Interestingly, Achen and Kjeldsen have both beat a FRL champion and Patrick Brennan. Achen beat Brennan 9-7 in qualifying and 5-2 in races, while Kjeldsen has only been behind Brennan once in their entire season together, in Brazil's qualifying session. It's not a completely accurate comparison given how much Brennan improved between seasons, but it's still an interesting statistic. This is considered by many to be the strongest driver pairing on the grid, and they could definitely take the title with a decent car.
WLD Racing
Drivers: Gil Salgado, Oliver Jacobsen
Defending champions WLD Racing will hope that they don't fall to the midfield like Adams, and they made an interesting driver choice by signing Jacobsen instead of Ermakov.
Gil Salgado's rookie season looks incredible based on his results, but he was comprehensively beaten by Spartacus Ermakov in races, only finishing ahead of his teammate in three out of twelve races. He did manage to beat Ermakov in the qualifying head-to-head though, 9-7 in his favour. This will be a crucial season for Salgado, with his contract running out and being paired with a driver considered to be better than Ermakov.
Oliver Jacobsen failed to defend his title with Adams last season, which must be disappointing for the Dane. When Adams started to show signs of competing for podiums again, he got hit with several unfortunate car failures. The most notable failure was in the Brazilian GP, where he was a lock for a podium finish before a loose wheel cost him a lot of time and forced him to stop again. In hindsight, he had a clear path to a race win if that wheel stayed on properly. He also suffered three consecutive mechanical issues while the Adams car peaked, with Kjeldsen finishing on the podium once and gaining 32 points during that period. He'll have another opportunity to show his skill with the current champions.
Both of these drivers will be very motivated to prove their worth to all of their doubters, and that's a good trait to have.
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2018.04.18 01:23 SirLillyhammond Last Week Tonight: F.A.C.E.

We take you back to Smackdown Live: April 10th 2018 Edition, because I have been really lazy this week. Following their failure on Smackdown, Lillyhammond and Benjamin sit outside the arena. Tonight, marks the last show before the brand split takes affect, it also means that after tonight, FACE will be split apart. Well one member will be split from the rest actually, but it still sucks
BE: sigh “Another Faction Warfare lost”
SL: “Seems like this week couldn’t get any worse…I mean I spent a good $50 on that FACE Quarterly set! Now the man I hired is gone in less than a week.”
BE: “It could be worse, he still is part of FACE! Just isolated, and unable to participate with the rest of the group in any kind of official capacity outside of a cross brand tournament…
SL: “ and who knows when those are ever held…”
BE: “Hey, don’t blame yourself man. How could you know that the GM’s wouldn’t honor your request to keep us all together?”
SL: “………Benjamin…..I have a confession, I didn’t register Mr. Oliver with FACE for the draft…”
Benjamin becomes visibly stunned. He wants to support his friend and colleague, but they both know this was a mess up of major proportions. This does not bode well for the Interim leader of FACE. As Benjamin’s disappointed glare pierces The Viscount’s visage, Lillyhammond begins tearing up
SL: “Oh what’s the use! I’m a failure, a fraud!”
He buries his FACE into his hands, sobbing
“I’ve led this faction astray and now we’re dropping members like flies! I should be pushed out, fired, canned, another adjective to describe being let go!”
Benjamin tries to console his tag partner, but in all this commotion they don’t realize that FalconArrow has been standing there for the past twenty minutes. Finally he breaks his awkwardly long silence…
FA: “Alright, that’s it!”
Lilly and Benji look up, their eyes meet Falcon’s
FA: “You losers have been avoiding me for weeks! Why, you even ignored my WrestleMania letter of challenge!”
Lilly whispers to Benji
SL: “Did we get a letter?”
BE: “I didn’t know we even had a mailbox.”
The two direct their attention and voices to Falcon
SL: “Right…well, what is your challenge then?”
FA: “Heh, I’m glad you asked…you see, ever since Benjamin and I met at the New Japan Cup…”
BE: “Booooooring. Skip ahead”
Falcon becomes visibly perturbed! How dare anyone interrupt his long overarching storyline and character development because they were too lazy to write it do-Iiiii mean listen
SL: “If you wanted to join FACE, why didn’t you send us an application?”
FA: “AND ANOTHER THING! I’m sick and tired of being pushed around and ignored just cause I’ve hit a rough patch in my career! What? Does that invalidate all the things I’ve done? NO! But the rest of these chumps want to take a shot at OLD FALCON, just cause he ain’t what he use to be, WELL I’VE HAD IT…Wait what did you say?”
BE: “If you wanted to join FACE, why didn’t you ask any of us? Hell, We let Mig in when he was mentally unstable and possessed by a clown, it’s not like this is some mass conglomerate of champions or something.”
SL: “Benji! Underselling is for behind close doors, not in front of potential members!”
Confused and bewildered, Falcon’s mind focuses on the words potential members. He might just have a shot
FA: “So…I can join FACE? Just like that”
SL: “So long as I’m the Interim leader of FACE, pretty much.”
BE: “Seriously, you need to work on that, Lilly…”
SL: “…I know, but he stopped shouting so I think we accomplished something.”
Falcon’s eyes begin to well up, as tears begin streaming down his face. But for the first time, these aren’t tears of sadness. Nay, they are tears…of joy!
FA: “I PROMISE! I will be the best member of FACE any man can be!”
SL: “Good to hear! Here is your official FACE shirt and dental plan coverage. I wish you would show such enthusiasm sometimes Benji…Wait…is that?”
A tall shark-like man stands in the doorway, accompanied by a mad scientist who may or may not infringe upon copyright law
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2017.02.13 14:16 TrumpReportBot Trump Report as of Monday February 13 at 08:16

Trump Percent of the day: 24.77%
[ #1 +46674 ]
Breaking News: Bill Gates has agreed to pay for Trump's wall
[ #2 +43887 ]
A man who sought asylum in the US more than two decades ago, graduated from the University at Buffalo and worked for the New York State Department of Transportation has just been elected president in his homeland of Somalia
[ #3 +27755 ]
In despotic declaration, Trump senior advisor says Trump’s power “will not be questioned”
[ #4 +26861 ]
Trump's "Power Play" Handshake
[ #5 +24957 ]
Bipartisan calls for Conway investigation after Ivanka Trump plug
[ #6 +24763 ]
Trump Criticized Obama for Golfing. Now He Spends Weekends on the Links.
[ #7 +23044 ]
Trump's "fake news" accusations illustrated in a Norwegian newspaper
[ #8 +20933 ]
The Spy Revolt Against Trump Begins
[ #9 +17786 ]
Trump’s supporters believe a false narrative of white victimhood — and the data proves it
[ #10 +17329 ]
"Trump is a total hypocrite. He campaigned saying 'I'm going to take on Wall Street,' and then he hires the president of Goldman Sachs." - Bernie Sanders
[ #11 +13563 ]
Mexico: Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across nation
[ #12 +9946 ]
Sanders: Trump 'backtracking on every economic promise that he made'
[ #13 +9023 ]
Trump vs. Truth: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
[ #14 +8635 ]
Donald Trump wrongly says CNN cut off Bernie Sanders for calling network 'fake news'
[ #15 +7826 ]
Trump's job approval rating hits a new low
[ #16 +5116 ]
Donald Trump told he won’t escape the ‘biggest protest in British history’ by moving his state visit
[ #17 +4957 ]
Trump impeached? You can bet on it
[ #18 +4521 ]
Trump paints a picture of a dystopian America that doesn’t exist
[ #19 +4220 ]
ACLU is seeing a Trump-era surge in members and donations
[ #20 +3634 ]
Trump posts fake Lincoln quote on Instagram
[ #21 +3441 ]
Al Franken repeats senators' concern that Trump is 'not right mentally'
[ #22 +2775 ]
I disagreed with President Bush all the time. I never called him a pathological liar. He was just conservative. But Trump lies all the time.
[ #23 +2665 ]
NSA Withholding Intelligence From 'Untrustworthy' Trump Administration, Former Analyst Claims
[ #24 +2566 ]
As Flynn falls under growing pressure over Russia contacts, Trump remains silent
[ #25 +2467 ]
Mark Cuban on Trump: Isn't it better that he's tweeting rather than 'trying to govern?'
[ #26 +2316 ]
NAACP Estimates More Than 80K Turned Out to Protest Trump at the Moral March on Raleigh
[ #27 +2182 ]
Trump reportedly got call about N. Korea during dinner at Mar-a-Lago and discussed it there in a public dining room.
[ #28 +2053 ]
The White House Keeps Tripping Up on the Truth. President Trump Doesn't Seem to Mind
[ #29 +2039 ]
Franken says he would have told Trump calling Warren Pocahontas was 'racist'
[ #30 +1905 ]
Bernie Sanders calls Trump a ‘pathological liar'; Al Franken says ‘a few’ Republicans think Trump is mentally ill
[ #31 +1697 ]
It’s ACLU 1, Trump 0—and They’re Just Getting Started
[ #32 +1673 ]
Trump on Cuban: 'He's not smart enough to run for president'
[ #33 +1591 ]
Hezbollah leader: Having 'idiot' Trump in White House makes us optimistic
[ #34 +1434 ]
Trump says U.S. behind Japan '100 percent' after North Korea missile launch
[ #35 +1351 ]
Germany president: Steinmeier chosen by lawmakers
[ #36 +1318 ]
A hastily called news conference caps a surreal day for Trump in South Florida
[ #37 +1283 ]
Get down Mr. President!
[ #38 +1273 ]
Mexico: Massive anti-Trump rallies staged across nation
[ #39 +1254 ]
'We all have this suspicion — he lies a lot': Al Franken suggests some GOP senators worry about Trump's mental health
[ #40 +1242 ]
Trump administration officials may be deposed over immigration order
[ #41 +1241 ]
Trump aide repeats debunked voter fraud claim, offers no new evidence
[ #42 +1236 ]
Trump’s chief policy advisor says the president’s power ‘will not be questioned’ by the courts
[ #43 +1211 ]
Markets are starting to get nervous about Trump
[ #44 +1104 ]
Franken dings Trump over Warren insult
[ #45 +1082 ]
Trump administration is ‘complete insanity’ – and the markets are in a fantasy land: Stockman
[ #46 +1069 ]
Trump Adviser Resists Call for Evidence of 'Very Serious' Voter Fraud
[ #47 +1060 ]
Andrew Sullivan says journalists should be talking about Trump's mental health
[ #48 +982 ]
Hezbollah leader says 'idiot' Trump makes him optimistic
[ #49 +977 ]
Journalists and stars lose appetite for correspondents' dinner under Trump
[ #50 +878 ]
Warren, Dems accuse Trump of ethics violations
[ #51 +872 ]
Franken: GOP colleagues question Trump's mental health
[ #52 +844 ]
Washington State AG says he will depose Trump administration officials
[ #53 +814 ]
Trump’s Advisers Want You To Believe He’s The Most Productive President Yet. He Isn’t.
[ #54 +748 ]
Top Advisor Ducks Questions On Whether Trump Still Has Confidence In Flynn
[ #55 +665 ]
Donald Trump visit to the UK 'will be rescheduled' to avoid embarrassing the President
[ #56 +661 ]
Instead of draining the swamp, Trump has become Wall Street’s best buddy
[ #57 +617 ]
President Trump's expansion of Guantanamo rolls back 800 years of law
[ #58 +616 ]
Protesters again line motorcade route as Trump heads back to D.C.
[ #59 +559 ]
America’s Biggest Creditors Dump Treasuries in Warning to Trump
[ #60 +554 ]
Sears, Kmart Join Other Retailers in Dropping Trump-Branded Merchandise
[ #61 +550 ]
How White House advisor Stephen Miller went from pestering Hispanic students to designing Trump's immigration policy
[ #62 +528 ]
Trump brand takes another hit
[ #63 +520 ]
Trump administration invents new story to support claims of massive voter fraud
[ #64 +519 ]
Trump spreads debunked story about CNN cutting off Sanders for calling the network 'fake news'
[ #65 +495 ]
Does the White House stand by Michael Flynn? ‘That’s a question for the president’
[ #66 +489 ]
Wide-Spread Anti-Trump Protests Take Place Across Mexico
[ #67 +483 ]
A reporter is suing the US government to learn how it vetted Trump’s advisers for security clearances
[ #68 +467 ]
John Oliver suggests that President RuPaul could #makeamericafierceagain
[ #69 +440 ]
Conflict Over Trump Forces Out an Opinion Editor at The Wall Street Journal
[ #70 +436 ]
Thousands march against Trump in Mexico City: "Pay for your own wall!"
[ #71 +434 ]
Concerns about Donald Trump's 'mental health' raised by his political colleagues
[ #72 +376 ]
Franken: GOP worried about Trump's mental health
[ #73 +373 ]
Trump friend blasts Priebus: 'He clearly doesn't know how the federal agencies work'
[ #74 +345 ]
Trump friend says Priebus is ‘in way over his head’
[ #75 +336 ]
Germany picks anti-Trump president as trans-Atlantic bonds fray
[ #76 +335 ]
Senator says GOP colleagues question Trump's mental health
[ #77 +334 ]
NSA so concerned over Donald Trump's ties to Russia they've 'withheld information from presidential briefings'
[ #78 +326 ]
Meryl Streep Pledges to Stand Up to 'Brownshirts' in Tirade Against Trump
[ #79 +302 ]
Put up or Shut Up: Trump Advisor Claims Voter Fraud; Has No Evidence
[ #80 +288 ]
Donald Trump refers to Elizabeth Warren as 'Pocahontas' in awkward White House meeting
[ #81 +279 ]
American Civil Liberties Union rides high on anti-Trump wave
[ #82 +234 ]
Trump backing off of big promises in early weeks of administration
[ #83 +217 ]
Israel says Peru's fugitive former President Alejandro Toledo, wanted on corruption charges, will not be allowed to enter the country.
[ #84 +196 ]
Sears, Kmart join other retailers in dropping Trump-branded items
[ #85 +194 ]
Estonian spy agency conducted surveillance of meeting of Duma deputy, Trump adviser
[ #86 +191 ]
AP Fact Check: Trump aide peddles false vote fraud charge
[ #87 +185 ]
Inside Trump’s watered-down ethics rules: Now a lobbyist helps run federal agency he lobbied -
[ #88 +183 ]
Trump: Media won't report on 'enthusiastic supporters' at Mar-a-Lago
[ #89 +182 ]
Turmoil grows over White House correspondents' dinner under Trump
[ #90 +167 ]
French media: prosecutors to start legal action against Francois Fillon A French newspaper says presidential candidate Francois Fillon could be charged this week in the so-called fake-work affair. His campaign has been rocked by revelations his wife received hundreds of thousands of euros
[ #91 +165 ]
‘Hypocrite’ Trump axed transgender protections just days after claiming to support LGBT rights
[ #92 +162 ]
We Fact-Checked All the Lies Donald Trump's Administration Told This Week
[ #93 +146 ]
Anti-Trump demonstrators spell out ‘RESIST’ on California beach protest
[ #94 +141 ]
Senator Says GOP Colleagues Question Trump’s Mental Health
[ #95 +137 ]
Carl's Jr. Was Great Until Andrew Puzder Arrived. Now, He's Trump's Choice for Labor Secretary
[ #96 +136 ]
LaDuke: Trump policies will affect your food bill
[ #97 +132 ]
Trump Justice Department delivers CIA ‘Torture Report’ to federal court
[ #98 +107 ]
At least 18 people believed to have been killed in Sangin in what is claimed to be among first civilian deaths under Donald Trump
[ #99 +92 ]
Dominican Paper Apologizes for Using Baldwin Photo for Trump
[ #100 +89 ]
In the Face of Weighty Problems, Trump Focuses on Squabbles
[ #101 +84 ]
Trump aide repeats debunked voter fraud claim, offers no new evidence
[ #102 +83 ]
John Oliver's back with a plan to enter President Trump's info-stream
[ #103 +82 ]
John McCain: Trump gets it backwards on Putin's Russia
[ #104 +82 ]
Mr President…that’s racist.” Al Franken unloads on Trump for ‘Pocahontas’ slur
[ #105 +81 ]
Police Chiefs Say Trump’s Law Enforcement Priorities Are Out of Step
[ #106 +81 ]
Trump’s vow to ‘destroy’ Johnson Amendment could wreak havoc on charitable world
[ #107 +81 ]
When a Pillar of the Fourth Estate Rests on a Trump-Murdoch Axis
[ #108 +76 ]
Review: ‘S.N.L.’ Targets Trump Again, With a Hint of Exhaustion
[ #109 +72 ]
Nazis in the Trump White House
[ #110 +64 ]
Anti-Trump protests take place in 18 cities across Mexico
[ #111 +62 ]
The silver lining: Trump has united people for Sanders’ values
[ #112 +59 ]
So far, the resistance hasn’t reached Trump Land — and that needs to change
[ #113 +57 ]
John Oliver Hatches a Plan to Reach Trump Where He Watches
[ #114 +56 ]
'How many of Mar-a-Lago's new members are foreign intelligence?': Chelsea Clinton slams Trump for formulating response to the North Korea missile test during a swanky dinner and under cell phone lights
[ #115 +56 ]
How Trump Will Turn Child Refugees Into Child Soldiers
[ #116 +53 ]
Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Andrew Puzder Owed Millions To UBS As Bank Seeks Waiver From Sanctions
[ #117 +49 ]
Courts likely to probe Trump's intent in issuing travel ban
[ #118 +48 ]
Thousands of Protesters Across Mexico March Against President Trump
[ #119 +44 ]
There was an obvious typo in Donald Trump's official inauguration portrait
[ #120 +38 ]
Is Trump leading the US on a warpath with Iran?
[ #121 +37 ]
Venezuela's President: Donald Trump 'Won't Be Worse than Obama'
[ #122 +37 ]
Longtime Donald Trump friend says Reince Priebus is ‘in way over his head’
[ #123 +35 ]
Trump looks to offer tax breaks & deregulation to Big Pharma
[ #124 +31 ]
Donald Trump's doctrine of unpredictability has the world on edge
[ #125 +31 ]
Trump Promised to ‘Open the Mines’ — Here’s Why That Is Unlikely
[ #126 +30 ]
Trump Tackles North Korea Crisis in Crowded Mar-a-Lago Dining Room
[ #127 +26 ]
Juan Williams: Trump and GOP collide with reality
[ #128 +24 ]
The epic showdown over presidential power and American identity
[ #129 +23 ]
Donald Trump's national security adviser Mike Flynn reported to NSA as White House refuses to offer backing
[ #130 +20 ]
Reality check: After three weeks, Trump has hit a Washington wall
[ #131 +19 ]
Trump Refuses to Provide California Federal Support in Midst of Natural Disaster, Cites Sanctuary Cities
[ #132 +17 ]
Israel says Peru's fugitive former President Alejandro Toledo, wanted on corruption charges, will not be allowed to enter the country.
[ #133 +17 ]
Trump Planned on Moving Embassy to Jerusalem 'At 12:01 on Inauguration Day'
[ #134 +15 ]
Trudeau, Trump to meet with female CEOs to discuss women in workforce
[ #135 +12 ]
Most Presidents Ignore Products That Rip Off Their Names. Will Trump?
[ #136 +10 ]
Trump’s White House is causing chaos in the intelligence community
[ #137 +10 ]
Hezbullah's Nasrallah: Trump a fool sitting in the White House
[ #138 +10 ]
Thousands of protesters in more than a dozen Mexican cities took to the streets on Sunday to express their fierce opposition to U.S. President Donald Trump, portraying the new leader as a menace to both America and Mexico.
[ #139 +10 ]
Andrew Sullivan Questions Trump’s Mental Stability He Refuses to ‘Recogn...
[ #140 +8 ]
Trump planned on moving embassy to Jerusalem 'at 12:01 on Inauguration Day'
[ #141 +6 ]
Peru asks Trump to consider deporting ex-President Alejandro Toledo
[ #142 +6 ]
Peru president asks Trump to consider deporting wanted ex-leader
[ #143 +3 ]
Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski asked U.S. President Donald Trump in a phone call on Sunday to consider deporting the Andean country's fugitive ex-president, Alejandro Toledo, Kuczynski said in a statement.
[ #144 +3 ]
ASHGABAT Turkmenistan Turkmenistan's Central Election Commission says the incumbent leader has won the presidential election.
[ #145 +2 ]
Singer Joy Villa wears Trump dress to the Grammys
[ #146 +1 ]
Trump's national security adviser Flynn trying to survive crisis
[ #147 +1 ]
Trudeau visits Trump in crucial meeting for Canada
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Loliver Lily Oliver KISS reedited from final scene Hannah Montana Forever!!! oliver and lily - kiss the girl Honeymoon Natalie & Oliver 2017 Lily Beach, Maldives - YouTube Miley & Lily find out that Oliver's Have Diabetes - YouTube Lily and Oliver real kiss-fun - YouTube Amelia Lily Oliver - Bootcamp 1 - You've Got The Love - X Factor 2011 HQ/HD Best Lilly/Oliver Moments - YouTube

Does Lily Tomlin Have Children? - Why Lily Tomlin Never ...

  1. Loliver Lily Oliver KISS reedited from final scene Hannah Montana Forever!!!
  2. oliver and lily - kiss the girl
  3. Honeymoon Natalie & Oliver 2017 Lily Beach, Maldives - YouTube
  4. Miley & Lily find out that Oliver's Have Diabetes - YouTube
  5. Lily and Oliver real kiss-fun - YouTube
  6. Amelia Lily Oliver - Bootcamp 1 - You've Got The Love - X Factor 2011 HQ/HD
  7. Best Lilly/Oliver Moments - YouTube

50+ videos Play all Mix - Amelia Lily Oliver - Bootcamp 1 - You've Got The Love - X Factor 2011 HQ/HD YouTube X Factor UK 2011 Bootcamp Results + Which Judge Get's Who - Duration: 14:47 ... PLEASE HELP BRING BACK PAIR OF KINGS WHICH IS AN UNBELIEVABLY AMAZING SHOW!!!!! Please take the poll on this is my first video and i know its crap lol about oliver and lily with the song kiss the girl by ashley tisdale. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Lily Beach Resort & Spa 2017 Mr & Mrs Battyan Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Mitchel Musso & Emily Osment as Lily and Oliver here in the airport scene where they kiss goodbye for the last time on HMF. This is a show and couple i haven't really done anything with but when i ...